My Tarantino\Jackie-movie, live…

nick-nate brotherstillerson-faux-trump-Russian mother-fake-news

Looking for some non-confrontational baseline movie-plots?

CHAN Penis Schwammberger Swstika 600

Sure Dawg’s, sure, and this guy that looks like half-Asian Jackie Chan but isn’t Jackie Chan goes to a baseball match in East LA  between the Democrats and the Republicans and here’s the big sub-plot that pulls the whole thing into a cohesive element designed to turn their big deal into a Hollywood blockbuster as in your buster’s just got blocked, see Jackie Chan the admittedly skilled Kung Fu fighter bought a bunch of high caliber German-trained Odessa assassins to the match to take a dominant left field position from the LA  boy’s, and then Woe man…

Hell Latino-man didn’t turn up for the rumble because it was all make believe anyway so they left their guns where they were and just didn’t show up because $137 dollars per day to appear in a Chinese violence-flick x Patriot Act Kung Fu porno movie just wasn’t the going rate for any streetwise badass little half Latino half German dudes who didn’t see the point in nothing BS in the first place…

Know what guys? ~ Neither Rummy nor 41 spilled a single drop…

And what have THEY got to do with it? ~ Get a clue, get a clue…

cheney-bush-w-rumsfeld radical Islamic Cessna Pilot's

Come on, seriously get a fcuking clue about America’s shit…

wtc-7-REVERSE trump-carlisle-money-launder + JET 600

Seriously for fcuk’s sake, Cessna Pilot’s and skyscrapers right…

afghan lithium nazi source of mexican heroin 600 (3)

Then Iraqi\Libyan-gold and Afghan-Lithium was all America’s?

Yeah look it’s pretty weird but let’s just agree to disagree Huh?

If we can’t do that then let’s just agree to agree then shall-we?

Hey come-on, you don’t get what I’m really saying here then?

I’m saying it’s all bullshit and if you agree, let’s not disagree…

Come-on, Cessna Pilot’s knock skyscraper’s down wasn’t it?

And what does it all mean, what’s the point of this post?

RT ChernobylRT USE THIS Shooter repeatRT both China comments shooter Trump Grump ultimatum USE THISPrussian Flag Sept 11 large

Umm, it’s probably something to do with bullshit maybe…

Patriot Act Bull trust me 400

And of-course there’s the ever-present football-playing rapist…

What, still don’t get-it do you? ~ Kinda dumb then aren’t you?

And here ends the sarcastic part of this serious fcuking post…

BETTER Robby age 10 Redneck Comedian 730


9:00 PM AEST August 15th

pedo-child-rights-suppressing-truth-FASCIST PEDO DUNGEON GRAND JURY 490



Beware, they really will
phish all of you kids…

PS: Umm, Ah, Ugh, Ahm, Err, Umm, Ah, Umm, Err….

What? ~ Still don’t get it? ~ Are you retard at all maybe?

Just a little bit retard, you know, a little bit, retard maybe?



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