The biggest frauds in history still?

Trump Military ~ BOY IT SURE IS BLOWING Slightly less color

An Ohio born kid trapped in a pedo snuff movie network is a joke?

BETTER Robby age 10 Redneck Comedian 730

As I’ve often written before that photo immediately above is me, it was taken about 20 minutes after I’d been prostituted (Raped) in a US Central Intelligence Agency pedo snuff movie kiddie brothel they ran for Odessa, Odessa as in the World War Two Odessa, around a week after the murders of the Beaumont’s…

That eldest girl Jane screamed the loudest most passionate pitiful screams I’ve ever heard in my entire life, I’d tried to scream louder than her when America’s Central Intelligence Agency tortured me in 2004 but I’d been unable to, the eldest Beaumont girl’s screams were way worse than any screams I’ve ever heard, ever, yet America keeps on letting the Sept 11 perp’s tell them this is all just a joke?

You’re the biggest frauds in history now aren’t you America, or rather the media that represents the fascist Masonic regime that’s been governing you since the Grassy Knoll fake Kennedy farce are the biggest frauds in history and the rest of America just believes whatever they’re told to believe for freedom’s sake…

Go on then, believe Washinton when you know they’re lying…

Ignore the US Fed financing Nazi’s in 1933, ignore it…

By the time you work it out will shit even matter anymore?

Just ignore everything America, or spin it to infinity and back…

Just ignore everything, ignore everything, ignore everything…

And ignore Ohio-born boy telling you to go to hell as well…

Murdered Australian children await their coroner’s inquest…


11:00 PM AEST June 28th
And at 11:11 too you fakes



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