Some real civic responsibility…

911 Pentagon ~ No Jet ~

“A nation of sheep will be governed by wolves” someone once said, and America has now had good reason to consider whether they were right when they said that, because what pretends to represent you politically in Washington is a wolf pack, literally an Odessa and\or Odessa offspring wolf pack that has made a meal of your children and made mockery of your goodwill every single time you were dumb enough to let some treasonous conspiratorial Freemason con you on their behalf, all of the way back to the real 35th president’s murder…

Don’t you understand or care the Sept 11 attacks were impossible to coordinate and pull off without a large circle of treasonous Freemason’s under Bavarian Illuminati control using old Odessa members and their offspring as pawns?

There are solution’s, but it’ll take brains with ideas and heart too…

Amnesty THING Jim Jeffries Mason THE LIGHT 1000 (3)

Now let some of my lateral-thinking inspire you, if you can that is…
And look, I’ve had a cacky sense of humour for over 50 years already…
Is that a problem? ~ I’m dead-serious, and, have a sense of humour…

0001000 SOTU FU-Bar FP0002000 SOTU No new wars or debt

0003000 SOTU Tweet-a-tweet

0004000 SOTU Young Republican crooksAmerican Nazi0005000 RED HIGHLIGHTKushner Kutschmann Pater0006000 SOTU President Drump JoashBurns and Smithers President Joash0007000 SOTU The point of civic responsibilityHead up ass, Drump's pedo grand jury legislation.png


C’Mon America, you’re not stupid, gonna get real?

Lateral thinking treason amnesty no logo 490

All vids\graphics fair-use\fair-comment…
Hit THIS link for the not-so-sarcastic stuff…
Still no lawyer and no private healthcare yet?
Gee, what a pack of faithless assholes…

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