Ain’t no big secret no more Huh?

The Two (One) fake Trump's SAME MAN (2)

I’m not going to bother re-listing all of the Mountbatten cousins…

Mountbatten Putin Pence and Stone

Merely remind you where this Prussian intrigue is taking us all…

Trump Nazi assassination FAKE RED BW 600Kinetic Masonic 600

This song has the right FEEL for this post, hope you like it…

That it they ask? ~ Yeah, pretty much, just that above and this…

Your only chance of delaying the genocidal Prussian agenda…

Pedo drungeon 600 RESIST

And of-course I’d like to remind you you’re assholes…

Redneck comedian 520 Cessna

No seriously America, you’re all assholes…

You got the government you deserved…

Carlin ignorant people elect


4:30 PM AEST Nov 21


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