Total Teutonic-takeover mode…

Trump thing Apple Pie guyTillerson Trump and Dave LARGEThe Two (One) fake Trump's SAME MAN (2)

Total Teutonic-takeover mode is the title of this post America…

And yep, this is my sarcasm-blog, yet it’s not always negative…

newsboy-president-treason-amnesty-600Treason Amnesty anti-hypocrisy darker 600

You can’t just keep being hypocrites cause Washington says…

Afghan Lithium Nazi source of Mexican heroin 600Mickey Mouse Opium Lithium 600lithium E-Ventually trillions-bw-600

Any-waaay, ignoring the Trump identity-swap, and Mickey…

Where’s that #fascistpedodungeongrandjury America?

NOV 6 Pedo Dungeon BLACKED OUT 560 red strike thru (3)

7:00 AM AEST Nov 20


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