Nice train wreck Yankee-Doodle…

New York Twin Tower fireballBiden opinion Washington postbiden obama 101st airborne toilet roll

You’re in a class of your own when it comes to self-deception…

But why are you so stupid America, what’s your excuse guys?

I’ve got an excuse for my mellow levels of self-deception because I’m basically an idiot with short term memory loss, see my short-term memory loss is because I’m just an idiot and a poor loser ~ My idiocy remained undiagnosed and untreated for decades and thus it’s now so bad and so chronic and so acute that like most of you I’m probably unable to remember that Democrat Vice President Joe Biden was the behind the scenes Knight of Malta Masonic pig-act who really covered up for Bush and Cheney’s Sept 11 treason, he’s also the one who shuffled in unconstitutional Patriot Act Level Two provisions using an Obama glove puppet, that’s the Level Two Patriot Act which effectively removed 2\3rds of the old US Constitution and provided the mechanism for it to be further whittled down without even going to the effort of legislating, and here he is being touted as a presidential contender yet I’m so fcuking self deceived and stupid that I’m completely unable to remember why I’m not quite as dumb as the average Yankee Doodle…

Anyone care to enlighten me on why I’m not as stupid as you?

Clean escapes my attention every time I’ve tried to remember…

Please let me know when you finally work it all out…

Precise allegation or accusation used by Sept 11 perpetrator’s to place Ohio
born me on an anti-constitutional Patriot Act Level Two ‘NDAA‘ proscribed
person’s list? ~ It’s all I’d ever asked America’s fake-patriot’s to reveal…

Robby 10 y o Redneck Comedian 560


7:00 AM AEST May 18



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