You-want-it in simpleton-speak?

The Two (One) fake Trump's LARGE

That’s not Donald Trump in the White House, simple as that…


Where the original left the scene I’m not particularly sure…

Trump and two fakes 600Dave Trump Google STRIKE RED 600Trump Nazi American flag 600

But it’s all just a sham Patriot Act now isn’t it America…

It wasn’t Muslims on Sept 11 you dorks, it was German’s…

To be precise, Battenberg\Mountbatten bloodline German’s…

Now you live in hypocrisy 24\7 are you still moving forwards?

Every day the treasonous eugenic usurpers grow bolder…

Odessa Swastika Star 560

Now everything is the lie it always was since Kennedy…

KENNEDY BOTH 560Odessa members Atta's father 560kutschmann-kushner-odessa-560

What to do about it in the real (Criminal) world?

Pedo drungeon 600 RESISTA2 Inbred Hillbilly fascist treason Amnesty 600


5:05 PM AEST Nov 12


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