Attack of the humor-pussies Huh?

America is in dire straits, might be time to pray to the Lord…

Pious pussy praying 600

Yep, looks like religious faith is a Cool Cat’s last resort…

Black cat what Lithium AL CATANA 600

Islamic cat’s too, all cat’s should pray to their one true god…

BETTER Black Cat filing nails think that's funny large

Atheist cat’s? ~ They can just, Um, Er, Aah, do something…

Obscure perspectives to some, depends what you know mostly…

sad-mountain-lion-trump-2020-jump-for-joy TESLADARKER lithium-afghan-10s-of-trillions-2BLACK CAT Meow Tesla Battery Yay Lithium LARGE

And there you have it, update for cats on Afghan Lithium…

Yes it’s a little sarcastic, you noticed that too then…

TWO GIRLS AND CAT Dcikface Cessna Pilot's 600

So there won’t need to be too many words right?

No possible need to mention the 1000’s of dead in New York on Sept 11 in the constitution Coup the Mason’s pulled and no need to mention over 1 1\2 million dead in the Middle East since then, plus there’s no need to mention 2\3rds of the old US Constitution gone or the real federal deficit now so far gone that the US secretly borrows $23 trillion each year just to pay the interest, also no need to mention where the Iraqi’s gold from the Fallujah site went or who ended up with the $1000,000,000+ in US banknotes heisted from Iraqi bank vaults either nor mention who’s running the Afghan opium x Mexican heroin pipeline that right at this moment is still flying America’s heroin problem stateside at 30,000 feet to National Park runways and no need to mention the eventual trillions of dollars of stolen Afghan Lithium either because the Lion has already denied it all…

Ha-Ha-Ha, just a bit of sarcasm, accurate sarcasm…


Thing is what are you pussies going to do about it?

While you think about it, better think about this…

head-up-ass-drumps-pedo-grand-jury-legislation-CAT Meow 600pedo-child-rights-suppressing-truth-FASCIST PEDO DUNGEON GRAND JURY 600 (3)

4:00 AM AEST May 05
And a 4:40 editorial
Minor edits 2:30 PM
Sarcastic vid 11:11


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