Well Adolf Hitler was flatulent…

How many people were executed for calling Adolf Hitler flatulent?

Fact is he was flatulent, or to be more precise at least one of the three men who played the role of Hitler in the 30’s and 40’s was indeed flatulent in a large way and there was a very specific reason for it, reason being the original Hitler was said to be an opiate addict who due to public speaking engagements was forced to lay off the opiate and go cold turkey occasionally, and when an opiate addict does go cold turkey the food in their gut becomes watery causing mild diarrhea which creates the aforementioned wind, it’s what gives addicts the cramps with the only cure more opiate or an anti diarrhea drug or simply doing a complete fast from the day before you give up, the intestinal gas from such a self induced condition is very smelly, very (Very) smelly, a factoid which must’ve been kind of amusing for the other two who played the role to deal with among relative strangers when everyone was expecting a big stinker to be let loose at any moment…

America’s political leaders farted in their face for 90+ years…

That’s just my personal opinion mind you, based on the fact that their Masonic Battenberg descent Prussian masters took the cash from their 1929 Wall St asset strip and used that to finance Adolf Hitler to loot Europe’s gold in the 2nd World War, then used that looted European gold to asset strip America again under Reaganomics Clintonomics Dubyanomics (sic) Obamanomics and now they’re doing it again by never mentioning the deficit spiral under Trumponomics, still the average American (If there even is such thing) refuses to see what’s staring them in the face, a big fat secretly Prussian descent Battenberg Masonic asshole that’s been blowing the wind in their face since Calvin Coolidge…

For the sake of any new readers I’ll restate the bleeding obvious…

You know what to do America, you just lack the balls and brains…

Or perhaps it’s the heart, you just lack the heart to do it, that it?

From all I’ve seen thus-far I’d say the answer is just blowing…

trump-and-fake exact lookalikes 600Dave Trump Google STRIKE RED 600Trump REAL and FAKE 600

Is it possible America can’t disagree with it’s liars anymore?

Anyway, fcuk-that, who thinks German fart-joke’s aren’t funny?

Sure thing Dave, it was Russians, not Prussians, nooo…


Suppose the Russians were running the Trump-swap?

Trump and two fakes 600

And the Russian’s were wiring up Bldg 7 and the Twin Towers?

Suppose the Russians are running the pedo-dungeons too?

Pedo drungeon 600 RESIST

Something stinks America, something really stinks…



Washington still claim it’s all just a joke?  LINK

7:00 AM AEST Nov 15

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