Alle anwesend und korrekt, Sir…

German national anthem comment

Germany, Germany above all, Above all in the world, When, for
protection and defense, It always stands brotherly together. From
the Meuse to the Neman, From the Adige to the Belt, Germany,
Germany above all, Above all in the world!

German women, German loyalty, German wine and German
song, Shall retain in the world Their old beautiful chime, And
inspire us to noble deeds During all of our life. German women,
German loyalty, German wine and German song!

Leaving aside the question of who was whom’s illegitimate Prussian descent son or daughter over the last few hundred years, a subject I’ve taken up in other posts and\or blogs, I’d like to postulate the question of precisely how many German’s will be murdered by the state either in direct use of high tech German military ordinance aimed at their own citizens, specifically the kinetic energy weapons propelled via Nazi Foo Fighter magnetic drive technology and powered by the high output short cycle plutonium ion gas battery technology which America’s German born 41’st illegally gave to Germany in the mid 80’s while Reagan’s Veep, while also bearing in mind the planned number of deaths in American from the use of same by their military on their own citizens will be around 160 million dead in the first week, I’m left with some serious questions to ponder…

It’s your god given right to ignore everything I’ve said…

So then to get to the specific point of this shortish blog with it’s longish sentences and funny graphics and my weird videos, plus songs Washington likes to claim prove the blog isn’t highlighting a serious perspective, and bearing in mind that I’m pretty certain Russia will lose around half of their population to their own Govt’s weapons under secretive deceitful Prussian descent control and Great (sic) Britain likewise lose around 2\3rds of their population to a similar dynamic of extremely obscene Knight of Malta Masonic treason from within while countries which don’t possess such weapons will all have ‘THEIR’ political heads and larger population centers decapitated by those who do after their own nations are dealt a death blow, all up around 2 billion dead relatively innocent souls in the space of a week to what the Prussian disease will likely call a tragic series of unfortunate events as if it was nothing more than a Tarantino version of Lemony Snicket…

That said I’d like to ask which kind or is that what type of moronic fool wants to live on in the false hope of a sane outcome leading to a new dawn for humanity after such an evil fcuking deed forever lowers the level of truth morality common sense and that old Dodo bird called spiritual ethics to the level where it’d need the wings of ethereal angelic eagles to rise and fly higher than snake shit…

Yeah, I’m a poetic-bastard some days don’t you think?

Remember, I’m only seeking a lawyer or a mortician…


5:00 PM AESDST Dec 05


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