Lucifer’s big clearance sale was it?

Czar Alexander and EMPORER Napoleon cousins ~ Buy one get one freepalmer-uap-mccormick-morrison-liberals-shorten-and-medvedev- BUY ONE GET ONE FREERT Chinese ships REPEATED BULLSHITRT Prussian's Russian's gun forts Chinese commentCessna cannon Fort Glanville

Think about why Faux-Trump\Putin\JinPing Prussian’s are lying…

Thinking laterally confuses lesser intellectual’s doesn’t it Skippy…

Prussian Princes Prescott Bush and 41 600

Has that effect on American’s too, dumb’s them all down…

schwammberger-much-AMERICA atta Haspel 600more-schwammberger-fat-tony-chris-christie-john-goodman-bill-barr-trust-me-600 (2)

Probably an inbuilt servile Brownshirt-peasant mentality…

Thinking about more than just one thing confuses-em…

That’s enough for the average mind to meditate on…

But America, Australia, Russia and China, what are you gonna do?

Those same Prussian’s are running pedo-rings worldwide…

9:09 PM AEST June 3rd
Few edits at 10:30 too



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