Where’d Iraq’s gold bullion go?

Zionist Sphinx Cessna 800

It says in the bible that the angry invisible omnipotent omnipresent Abrahamic almighty once stated he himself owned the cattle on 1000 hills and that was like 4000 years ago, elsewhere it implies in the holy scripture that he owned the hills the cattle were on too, and also claimed ownership of Pharaoh’s gold, jewels, and firstborn, so if he was such a ‘YUGE’ landowner back then maybe he’s the real ‘MR-BIG?’ ~ And hey, don’t just try to say that the Jews made him up…

Moses Israel stasheth the gold 560

It was obviously all a true story, all of it…

Cessna 560 near CROPPED Transparent

0001000 US Fed Grump0002000 Three president Kennedy'sScrew everything0004000 Superman 800

0006000 Idiots truth teller'sHello Sir Crusader Jesus Christ0008000 Lying scumbag deityZionist Sphinx Cessna 800


All videos\graphics are fair-use x fair-comment….
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These blogs achieve a very strange lawful purpose…
If they offended you, you’re offended aren’t you…

Nov 6th emergency

Meanwhile, practice screwing yourself…
Maybe the Lord will smite me soon anyway…
What a boring old brainless twat Jehovah is…
And Jesus bloody Christ, forget something?

Jesus Christ tenor

Something bigger than you?

Nov 6th RED 370

You weak cnut’s you…

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