The big opioid-crisis in America…

Chicken and egg Patriot Act Cessna large

You’ve gotta be lateral and literal, yet remain logical and empirical…

Notice the ‘OPIOID-CRISIS’ (sic) never mentions Afghan opium?

The opium shill

Should you be asking what’s at the heart of the big deception?

The big crunch is coming, a war between reality and spin…

Which side are YOU on for the rest of forever, soldier-boy?

Pedo dungeon Nov 6th Mickey Mouse 600

My name is Robby Daniel, and I’m Ohio-born too…

Wrong way down a one-way track for 54+ years…

Robby Cessna grave moron's 560

And that’s just the way I’d been raised to be too…

Nov 6 490better-robby-age-10-redneck-comedian 490

Work-out these blogs are dead serious yet?


And sometimes funny?

8:00 PM AEST Oct 26
Edited 11:45 PM

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