Choose one every two years?

Man votes Trump BW 740

Wonder if America will ever wake-up before they’re murdered?

Haven’t been able to take them seriously since Dealy Plaza…

Johnson Prince Phillip Knight of Malta 600

Please pretend as much as you wish, however, not meee…


Despite a lobotomy I’m unable to be that stupid America…

Listening to the players in the current US Senate debate in Maryland talk in favour of and against the legalisation of weed, all while ignoring the subject of Afghan opium refined in Mexico by Kaiser (Wilhelm) Fox’s cartel coming into America via secluded National Park runways by $10+ million dollar shipments in million dollar jets is like listening to a boring version of the Tea Party (sic) Alice had with the British version of a Republican or Democrat Mad Hatter…

In context it needs be noted that while that repeated Kavanaugh crap just goes on and on with the political players seemingly unaware or deliberately ignoring all of the public testimony of both 2010 and again from memory sometime in 2012 as well to help blow off Kavanaugh’s role in the Bush White House Administration to deflect all records of complaints of suspicious Non Masonic VA deaths of Sept 11 activists in the military hospital system from ever reaching the president’s desk so that later on the office of the president could deny all knowledge…

All of that going down while the vacuum about the subject of open grand juries with fully televised public hearings into the scandal of the protection of Young Republican underground pedo dungeon networks has been buried deeper than the records of Grump’s Carlisle money laundering operation which went down with Building 7 in that attack by radical Islamic Cessna Pilot’s…

Or so they say, Carlisle records lost that is…

Trump treason definition 460

Get-a-clue America, get-a-clue…


Those clues leading anywhere yet?

Nov 6th fascist egg suck 560Nov 6 pedo dungeon Nazi's 560

2:20 PM AEST Oct 14


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