Crimea River Ivan, you forget?


Gee, what does he think he’s saying, what does he think he knows?


Ah but this blog is about Germany, it’s about America,
it’s all about treason and Masonic Luciferin perverts, it’s
about Masonic Luciferin perverts running things,
running things into the ground with bullshit…

0001000 FISA bullshit Anonymous FACE Page0002000 FISA bullshit FP

Here’s the main comment above, a bit easier to read…

“This story is artificial, not only does it hide the true nature of politics in America which is nothing more than a long term act of German espionage on America via Freemasonry, an act accelerated by it’s illegal German born 41st president to promote descendant’s of World War 2 Nazi’s to positions of political financial military and media power using junk bond cash leveraged under the illegal US Fed Chinese (Nazi) gold loan in 1973 asset stripping American industry via Wall St under cover of what they laughing call “Reaganomics”, then they (Germans) played a patriotic marching tune while doing it to help condemn any who disagreed… Ha-Ha, Reagan, another German descent cowboy actor, anyway be that as it may, we’re already at the level where recent ‘CIA’ studies imply the comment is too long for fluoridated morons to absorb and fully grasp, that’s what they claim anyway, could be true even tho the man writing this (Me obviously) is now sadly over 17+ years post lobotomy so I’m able to write it post lobotomy but you’re not able to grasp it America, that seems to be the ‘CIA’ position ~ Well prove them wrong cause that 1973 Nazi gold loan, gold the US Fed financed Adolf Hitler to loot from Europe destroying Germany in the process, began a 40+ year section of an admittedly complicated 160 year long long term total German descent takeover of America, in addition, not that it matters apart from the fact that’s it’s true, the real Russia\Drump story involved the president’s son in law from the 2012 election, it involves the president’s son in law who came from the loins of Odesss SS Kutschmann via the advanced scientific medical skills of Dr Joseph Mengele, the clone army cometh, wankerz…
You actually paid for the Nazi’s to take
over Ha-Ha, and you think I’m dumb do you?
(Come kind of cheap don’t you America, the
proverbial $20 dollar street whore even)…

This street hooker (America) pay’s $23+ trillion
to the Nazi’s if they let her blow them…


Here’s the US taxpayer-funded troll reply…

0003000 FISA Nation of cock socket'sCock socket card0004000 Nation of cock socket's Rumsfeld and MussoliniRumsfeld Holmes a 911 fascist patriot act


Some logical thoughts on what really ails you America…

The original Jewish kabbalah worshipped trees carved into a phallic symbol and rocks carved into the shape of a vulva and clitoris, practicing kabbalistic blood sacrifice murders on them as they screamed to their death in agony, after they were bled (For consumption) and butchered (For consumption) they’d all go and metrosexually fcuk each other stupid as the meat was cooking…

From 3000 years ago onward that so called occultist technique was used to fracture the spirit soul intellect heart and tribal unity of the nation of Israel culminating under the ancient wisdom (sic) of King Solomon eventually handing the 10 tribes of Israel and later the remnant of Judah over to some of his 1200 offspring who’d been intermarried to the royal houses of nation’s the world over, now once you understand that the technique their so called occult practices involves basing your high mind (Intellect) in your groin and your existential sexual forces into your head, a complete flip of the human consciousness, you may begin to understand how, or rather why, Germany’s German’s effectively held the industrial revolution back 200 years with their irrational superstitious control freak Luciferin kabbalistic crap which they pretend is occult…

You’re a waste of space German, you too Jew and Freemason…

Odessa ~ Eichmann's father (2)0004007 Spinmeister Trumpf Mueller Kerry Odessa Kushner Graphic

All vids\graphics are fair-use\fair-comment, mostly…
Hit THIS link for the more practically minded political…
Just bear in mind the Nazi’s will kill you either way…

Kinetic black and white 600

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