Confronting all our inner demons?

Robby at a Seance Robby LARGE

Recent research suggests my blogs are too long for low IQ folk…

So here’s a shorter post which highlights something is wrong…

On Sept 11 2001 Bldg 7 where the US Central Intelligence Agency had their New York head office fell either due to an office furniture fire or radical Islamic Cessna Pilot’s somehow gained entry to the building every day for the previous 6 months to wire it up ~ Coincidentally, and all investigators love coincidence, it was where the ‘SEC’ was holding all of it’s records of an old investigation into a old Trump Corporation money laundering scam performed for the old Bush x Carlisle Group Corporation seeking to avoid their taxes and hide trillions of US Taxpayer dollars illegally earned from illegal Carlisle Group x Defense Dept plutonium-ion gas centrifuge refining contracts initially let while real Grassy Knoll shooter Donald Rumsfeld was a deputy assistant Defense Secretary in the 70’s ~ Thing with that scenario I’m having trouble with is it would’ve taken a good demolition team a good 6 months to wire everything up and Um, I’m also doubting there were that many radical Islamic Cessna Pilot x Commercial Jet Pilot’s who were qualified enough to pull a 47 story building anyway which somehow must have been what officially happened, either the terrible office furniture fire brought the building down or it was indeed pulled like the owner Larry Silverstein stated, so get a clue, whatever the real story really is both sides of politics are screwing the futures of America’s children and in many cases screwing the children themselves…

Something big’s been wrong for a long-long time already…

Washington try to tell you I’m preaching at you America?

Swaggart crying SINNED AGAINST THE IRS 600

Oh come-on, there’s preaching, and then there’s preaching…

There’s well over one million missing Vietnamese and Cambodian Asian’s since the Vietnam War as well as 1000’s of missing US Military abducted by American born German (Prussian) descent US Special Forces who were eventually used as unpaid slave labor overseers for the missing Asian’s who were used as unpaid bunker building slave labor for various big projects around the world including America’s Dulles Oklahoma tri-state deep underground military bunker system and at Austria’s bunker that the CERN is built over as well as Australia’s deep underground bunker systems in Canberra\Cooma and in the Monarto area of the state of South Australia and also in the city of Melbourne in the state of Victoria where I’m currently living, that’s not funny, and there’s still missing Australian troops from the Vietnam War era too or so I’d heard and that’s not funny either, there’s 100’s of 1000’s of 14 yo Iranian boy soldiers who went missing when the German (Prussian) descent Mullah’s of Iran and Iraq had their old IranIraq war, they wound up as unpaid slave labor building the same bunkers, there’s 100’s of 1000 of missing kids from Iraq in between Gulf War’s One and Two, still not very funny, and I’d personally witnessed the Central Intelligence Agency do 20 child murders in between 1963 and late 1969 that are still waiting for a real coroner’s hearing as is one of the Faux Donald Trump’s old election promises to pay down the US deficit to the Fed, it’s waiting for a miraculous resurrection like with Jesus fcuking Christ or at least an open coroner’s hearing to inquire into the manner of it’s untimely death, and that’s not funny either, matter of fact none of it is…

Now you go away and have a serious think about shit…

Go visit your favorite shrink and get some anti-deficit pills…

Trump Doctor Biden Dept of Justice 23 trillion LARGE

Don’t get frustrated anally-retentive and\or depressed, just think…

Patriot Act Level Two Joe Biden 2016 ALTERNATIVE Large

Not a real good time to lose your sense-of-humor right now…

Patriot Act Level Three Biden 600

Do you mind if I-ask which planet you’re on America?


Ever gonna repeal that treasonous MasonicPatriotAct are you?

amnesty-understanding-stupidity-treason CLEARER LARGE

Serious subjects Washington deliberately has you ignoring…

Remember none of this is a joke, just a little sarcastic…

redneck-comedian-patriot act allegation 600Robby 10 y o Redneck Comedian 600 (2)

Precise allegation or accusation used by Sept 11 perpetrator’s to place Ohio
born me on an anti-constitutional Patriot Act Level Two NDAA proscribed
person’s list, it’s all I’ve asked all of America’s fake-patriot’s to reveal…


2:00 AM AEST April 29
If this was another time
in history or any other
country in the world I’d
have been dead 40 years
ago which has an upside
and a downside too!
Edits by 7:00 PM
Or thereabouts



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