A train is due every 2 years still?

Again you may have to think about it a bit, collide neurons…

Washington wants me to just go-away, that can be arranged…

America acts like it’s completely oblivious to 160 years of treason against the constitution it’s Prussian District of Columbia Corporation masters sold it as a sop of sorts, acts like it’s completely oblivious to Prussian elite ruling it thru their control of America’s Masonic Lodges, calling itself a constitutional republic then allowing them to remove 23rds of it via a Faux law they called Patriot Act which allowed them to remove rights from adults that millions of kids never had…

Robby 10 y o Redneck Comedian 600 (2)

That said again I’ve still got a question for average American’s…

That question is have you come up with any better plan to hang on to what little remains of your principles within the democracy charade you been left with after the treason of Sept 11 and the Patriot Act treason ever since that Coup on the US Constitution other than a 100% treason amnesty in exchange for 100% truth to a grand jury literally preceded by and in tandem with grand juries in all 50 states into the pedophile dungeon network that German-born 41 set up for the purpose of creating situations conducive to political manipulation via political blackmail, and if you have thought of better ideas what the hell are they Einstein’s?

Your (Illegal) president can just rebut all that in a Tweet?

America’s illegal German-born knight of Malta Masonic 41st president never thought of what he did in setting up the pedo dungeon networks for his Odessa masters to politically blackmail people and use his Nazi gold Reaganomics junk bonds to asset strip Wall St while packing the Young Republican movement with Mengele sourced Odessa offspring as TREASON in the truest sense of the word simply because he was German born, or at least that’s what he’d once claimed to me as in when I’d asked him how he lived with himself doing what he was doing to you he literally stated that in his view it wasn’t treason, it was espionage…

You’d admit after Sept 11 he was pretty bloody good at it?


It’s an old conspiracy, what are you gonna do about it?

It’s an old conspiracy by Masonic Lodges from day one…

America knows what to do about their particular corner of this farcical worldwide fascist Prussian menace the human species faces, get those pedophile dungeons under full scrutiny in open public grand juries, get that happening immediately followed by a fully legislated 100% treason amnesty for anyone willing to risk their lives to tell all to a grand jury South African truth and reconciliation style however there’s one small piece of the puzzle still missing, guess that’d be balls and brains needed to accept that you’re probably screwed either way this late in the game but only by trying and perhaps trying so hard you wind up dying doing it will you ever be able to try to live with yourselves after you’re dead maybe?

 They’ll kill about half of you in WW3 if you don’t…

Might still wind-up killing half of you if you do America…

Still think you’ll come out winners ignoring my justice Yanks?

Look at you, you can’t even cope with your fake Trump can you…

Require the precise allegationaccusation used by Sept 11 perp’s to place
Ohio-born sex-slave traded baby boy me on an anti-constitutional Patriot
Act Level 2 NDAA proscribed person’s Orwellian-state list America…

I’m still a witness to crimes against humanity by those men…

3:07 AM AEST June 15th




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