Holding you in total contempt…

The term “On-the-needle” and “Junkie” were always used to describe heroin addicts as Neil Young’s song epitomizes, however they were also terms that the Central Intelligence Agency would use for children it had in the MK Ultra mind programming, few people would understand, the rape, the cold terror, the torture, the drugs and the ritual murders, it was all designed to desensitize and shock the target into lowering their resistance and submit to the evil ~ Thing with me was they’d made the mistake of taunting me over the torture and murder of my birth mother and baby sister the day I’d been born in Ohio after I’d already learnt that they’d been literally butchered roasted and eaten by the Agency’s Odessa Knight of Malta Masonic masters and was trying to process my grief at that young age, I’d been a tough little bastard so even at the age of 5 years old I’d discovered the purity of hatred if based solely on a decision of the will and not just on emotions was one hell of a powerful motivator for exacting logical long term revenge…

Damn all of the Luciferin Knight of Malta Masonic murderers…

And damn their offspring running America China England etc…

But in the middle of that hatred I’d still kept a sense of humor…

Always had a warped SOH and a realistic attitude…

That’s because I’m a fcuking comedian, a Redneck comedian…

4:00 AM AEST May 19th


Phishing means
the NSA and other
similar Prussian run
state agencies create a
new file on you that all
sorts of Nazi bastards
the world over can
all access at will


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