So do we escalate or de-escalate?

Created an international Luciferin Gordian-knot haven’t you…

Prussian flag Chernobyl Tillerson Fake Trump Gorbechev May MerkelJinPing Netanyahu Putin Pence LARGE CROPPED-TOP

Surely you’re not counting on bothering me anymore are you?

What good will that do Prussian’s? ~ I’m totally recalcitrant…

Are you Prusso\Masonic rats going to get more idiotic? ~ Or less?

tillerson-fake-trump-may-johnson 600trump-and-fake exact lookalikes LARGE 600

Seriously, I-despise everything you Mason’s really stand for…

Keep all your treasonous lucre, just let me walk away fools…


12:34 PM AEST May 27th



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