They’re pretty sure you’ll forget…

F18 hijack into building 780BUSH HESTON Large Temptation

Nope, made-up my mind, I’m not going to ask how stupid you are…

No look, I’m serious, I’m not going to ask how stupid you are…

I’m vaguely curious tho America, how forgetful are you?

See I’ve just heard the half-assed Luciferin illegitimately conceived secretly Teutonic descent illuminated secret society moron’s running Washington think you’re all just gonna forget about Prescott’s illegitimate son Charlton Heston posing as the fake GHW Bush at Kennebunkport and the fake (Jerry) Kerry who took the place of the original Vietnam Marine John Kerry and of course the fake Dave Trump who took the place of the original Donald J. Drump…

Dave Trump 620 border

So I’m more than a chad curious if you’re that forgetful, and if you are that stupid then like I’d said I’ve made up my mind, I’d said I’ve decided I’m not going to ask and if you try to tell me then I’m not listening to you, so don’t forget-it…

Ha, a bit of sarcasm, get it, don’t forget-it, Cessna Pilot’s right?


Redneck comedian 600 WITNESS to 41's child murdersThree sons of Prescott 600

10:40 PM AESDST Dec 10


Robby 10 y o Redneck Comedian 560

PS: Give-it-up you Teutonic pigs, I’m not looking for love, I’m looking for justice or death because that’s the only thing two things that could ever release me from the blood sucking embrace of all of your evil ~ I’m reminded of an old German mining town whore we called “Mom” of all things, she was my step mother from shortly after my birth mother was murdered, that was in Ohio according to two of Prescott’s son’s by the way, the American born one and the German born twin of your 41st pretender, her birth child having literally been stolen at the hospital according to her with me put there in his place after being slave traded from America to Oz for Odessa’s CIA run child brothels, I’d hated hearing it, the bit about not being her birth child tho she wasn’t the only one who told me, anyway she told us “There is no love without justice, and no justice without truth” and America, there’s no truth in you at all anymore is there, Teutonic Prussian Masonic pigs sucked it all out of you pretty much haven’t they…

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