Das Preußische Verschwörung?

Old deaf lady Prussian conspiracies Cessna

Ms Edna Average of Butte Valley in Utah just don’t get it yet…

Mit Cessna low colour 600

Neither does the guy she’s gonna vote for on Nov 6th…

Nov 6th fascist egg suck 560

She like’s it that way, everything moving forwards…

Ban Cessna 595 CROPPED 400


Now, the terrible opioid crisis, and how to ignore it…

Afghan Opium Her Majesty 600Mickey Mouse Afghan opium x Lithium man 600lithium E-Ventually trillions-bw-600mission-impossible-rat---afghan lithium Odessa 600

Well that’s pretty educational isn’t it, thank’s Mickey…

I’m sure us kids will all be happy eventually now…

Nov 6th pedo dungeon 520

Because the leader of the club has our backs…

Now this is sarcasm right, accurate too…

Newsboy Amnesty 400

Your Govt thinks you’re dumb..


Well are you America?

Robby ~ 3pedodungeongrandjury bar code 300


1:30 PM AEST Oct 10
Re-Edit 7:30 PM

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