Crazy-talk, crazy-crazy-crazy…

Boeing hitting Pentagon

America, land of the free and home of the brave, the land where the Masonic lord’s of Washington talk of the freedom’s they fight to protect on your behalf, especially the freedom to think whatever they tell you to, unlike places like Russia that have to think like the Freemason’s controlling the Kremlin tell them to, no, in America you’re free to think whatever the Freemason’s who run Washington tell you, now that’s a freedom worth fighting for isn’t it? 😦


And here’s some sane talk, with singing…

And again, here’s some quiet crazy thinking…


And here’s some quiet sane thinking…

Nazi pedo dungeon grand jury miss the bus again 560Lateral thinking treason amnesty shhot them and hang them 560

All vids\graphics fair-use x fair comment…
Here’s a link to the larger sociopolitical bits…
Cessna Pilot’s? ~ Skyscrapers? = Bullshit…


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