One man’s honest perspective…

REEVES Severn Rumsfeld

You stupid moronic servile infantile wannabee pretenders America…

Rumsfeld is a Rockefeller, Rockefellers = Battenberg\German…

Rockefeller Rumsfeld Trump 570

German’s of all kinds dogged me since the day of my birth…

Odessa ~ Eichmann's father (2)

Ever gonna tell America the real story you wannabee tough guys?

Rockefeller Rumsfeld Trump Grump

No not just that, the rest of the story, all of it, every bit of it?


One day soon, death us will finally and thankfully part assholes…


And then, Hades Round Two, no way around that, game on…

Ha-Ha, you meany Gary, that wasn’t fair, Ha-Ha-Ha…

Redneck Comedian Nazi flag 560 (4)Nov 6 pedo dungeon Nazi's 560

Speaking of fair, watch out in Hades German…

Will you ever tell the real truth tough guys?

REEVES Rumsfeld Severn 490

Eventually in Hades you’ll have no choice…

11:11 AM AEST Nov 7


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