Let’s elect to have no more kings…

Christ earth Judean deficit Cessna

Imagine if you had to elect all your kings, even the divine ones…

What policy-platform would Prescott’s line have run on?

Something like one stewed or roasted baby for every pot?

Bush 41 witch Knights of Malta LARGE VERY FAST ALT

Most of you have no fcuking idea what governs you do you…

GOOD Jehovah Garfield female devil PLUS flying saucer and pussy and STAN 600

Yeah that’s a little sarcastic isn’t it, it’s my sarcasm blog…

Remembering it’s my sarcasm blog, you sure are dumbasses…

So have a very happy election everyone, long live the king…

A fascist (Prussian) royal family is fcuking with your head Oz…

Another accurate sarcasm post, short post, usual reminders…

Precise allegation or accusation used by Sept 11 perpetrator’s to place Ohio
born me on an anti-constitutional Patriot Act Level Two NDAA proscribed
person’s list? ~ It’s all I’d ever asked America’s fake-patriot’s to reveal…

Denying me my 4th and 5th Amendment doesn’t help you…

Robby 10 y o Redneck Comedian 600 (2)

6:00 AM AEST May 14th
Few graphics at 8:00 AM


Phishing means
the NSA create a
file on you that all
sorts of Nazi bastards
the world over can
all access at will

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