Lord Fraud Almighty again?

Bart and titties ~ Florida shooter

Sorry-bout-that, this is a VERY difficult subject, maam 😉

0001000 Idiocy Fraud FP0002000 Idiocy ~ We're wait-ingggggggAlex Schwammberger screenshot0004000 Idiocy ~ Houston to Eagle LanderNeil Armstrong ~ Houston to Eagle Lander


Ah but it’s not all funnies, this really is very complicated stuff 😉

0001000 Greatest president ever ~ Another Schwammberger FP0002000 Greatest president ever

0003000 Greatest president ~ No need to make senseTrump deficit0006000 Greatest president ever ~ KENNEDYJFK Kennedy Lying Eyes DOA Nov 11 1963 highlighted0008000 Greatest president ever ~ Treason amnesty traitor DrumpFake JFK Kennedy Dealy PlazaFake Kennedy autopsy black and white


After all of these idiotic-lies for all of these idiotic catastrophic years…
Gonna wheel out a 3rd man whom you claim is the real Kennedy Freemason?
Won’t it merely serve to prove that you knew you were lying about it all along?
How could it ever console the families of the 70 murdered Dealy Plaza witnesses?
Without 100% full treason-amnesty for 100% truth what fcuking good will it do?
Who’s to say if THAT(Link) story will just be another of your illuminated lies?
Nope, a 100% fully legislated treason amnesty or the big-stupid continues…


This blog in 140 Chars or less? ~ Oh sure, ‘Screw You’ maybe? 😉

Definitely still need some real world support, $6000 for 2 years private healthcare rather than Odessa’s Melbourne based ratbag fascist offspring playing an endless game of hide the salami with various honeypot interests I’ve never even talked with, that’s $6000 for 2 years private healthcare, in Oz that’s all it costs for Mayo Clinic level Platinum Plus private health care, and maybe another $3000 for a barrister for one day to live upload the medical tests and results to the internet, don’t need to see the money myself, it can all go straight to the health fund and the lawyer ~ That’s live upload for tests like ‘MRI’ and rigid sigmoidoscopy camera up the butt plus blood tests along with the full diagnosis, the lawyer can mask the identities of the medico’s if need be by doing stat dec’s to hide their names, what the ‘F’ even a psychological evaluation is fine by me, all filmed live with the lawyer probably cracking up that he’s getting paid for that shit, got no problem with that, I’m crazy alright, just not in the mental head job sense of the word, more crazy like fighter Chael Sonnen with a toothache or a nosebleed plus an attitude, but that’s the way my parents chose to raise me to be, and both of them were bigger than me so I’d merely done what they told me to do cause at heart I’m their obedient 61 y\o kid, that’s the way it was and that’s the way it still is too, so get over it, support me for real or just ‘F’ off…

Chael Sonnen bloody but unbowed

Dumb joke still? ~ Ah but there’s a cast of 1000’s in this joke…

Pompeo Schwammberger Odessa SS Via Mengele (2)

No preaching today, but still want a lawyer soldier-boys…
I’ve broken no law other than to disagree with the US Govt…
Well technically that’s merely to disagree with those running-it…
Ooh-waaait, hang-on, that’s not even illegal yet is it, or is it?
Gee, maybe a high price lawyer could tell me about it?
Hit-this link to learn more maybe, if you want to…
All vids\graphics fair-use and fair Yada-Yada…

Like the song asks, “What tha-hell happened?”

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