Lemme get this right Washington!

Nobody’s mocking you except for your hairdresser and make-up artist…

Maybe parts of greater Europe and the Middle East maybe…

Yeah might be pockets of mockery in the United States too…

Still require precise allegation\accusations used by Sept 11 perp’s to put
Ohioborn sex-slave traded baby-boy me on an anti-constitutional Patriot
Act Level Two NDAA proscribed person’s Orwellian state-control list…

And not even 40 days with a good barrister yet Australia?

I’m not asking the people for money for myself or asking for the government to provide counsel or even the legal community for Pro Bono freebies here Australia, there’s too much chance of a tainted outcome that way, in America witness Mr Mueller of FBI fame unable to discover the real name of the Faux Trump or where he was really born as proof of that ~ No, I’m asking the Australian people themselves why the hell haven’t 1000 or 10,000 of you ganged up to raise and then directly provide the money to pay for 40 days with a top notch criminal barrister of either sex we all agree on, one with some balls and principles if we can find one with both that’s got both and is still among the living, one with some genuinely heavy friends, one who can skillfully and professionally write down every single detail of the 20 murders of Australian children that I’d witnessed Central Intelligence Agency employees and operatives perform from 1963 thru to late 1969 or thereabouts ~ Seeing that 14 of them were outright ritual torture murders it was my habit to make intricate mental notes of all possible detail as a kind of distraction from the terror so don’t you want to know precisely what they did to all of us relatively innocent children back then, don’t you care? ~ That hard core Stalinist lobotomy that Johnny (Black) Howard pulled for whatever reason hasn’t been able to inpinge on my ability to recall detail if I’ve a reason to, those murders I’d witnessed included the Beaumont children Australia…

10:10 AM AEST July 25th


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