What Prussian conspiracy, whaat?

Northern Ireland debt LEPRECHAUN'S GOLDMORON Screenshot BETTER

Gotta tell you, the official story of everything is an idiot lie…

As for who the idiot-liar’s are, it’s an ancient mystery…

Least that’s their story, and thus far they’re sticking to it…

George Walker Bush Mason black and white (5)

And the minutiae of the contradictory stories they tell?

Like precisely what their devil and god really are…

Or political, who Grumpy is and that big Odessa takeover…

You heard about their big Odessa-takeover yet have you?

SCHWAMMBERGER-BORDER-PATROL-SUSPECTS Large 733VENTURA Atta Seagal Seal Schwammberger BW 800Schwammberger 100 Clan 795

Bigger than you’d think, Ireland Britain Russia China…

BEST-INFOWARS jones-pompeo atta-schwammberger-Harry-MALTA BW 730

Australia America Africa and the Mid East, everywhere…

Morrison Pompeo Medvedev Schwammberger Atta LARGE

Waiting for Dan Rather and Wolf Blitzer to fill you in?

Well that’s enough to confuse 10 Irishmen already…


International politics is all a Masonic conspiracy…

Prussian conspiracies control Masonic conspiracies…

Robby 10 y o Redneck Comedian 600 (2)Redneck Comedian 600 what I'd wanted PUNCHLINE

10:00 PM AESDST Dec 28
Aan quick-edits 3:00 AM

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