Check these droll facts out…

America seems ruled by the quick ‘NLP’ soundbite…

They used to get a subtle dose of it every Sunday morning and several times during the week from their 43rd president’s real biological father’s religious reality television show the 700 Club run by a German descent Freemason known as Pat Robertson, and get a ‘YUGE’ (sic) dose of it for a few weeks prior to the dog and pony presidential and mid term elections, but now it’s a taxpayer funded 24\7 onslaught which crowds out the voice of the common man with a wall of lying crap about fake live shooter attacks, matter of fact America’s fascist part German leaders seem confidant in their ability to run the country with ‘NLP’ soundbites right up until their next false flag ushers in World War Three ~ Meanwhile, there’s no deficit reduction plan like the president promised in one of his soundbite election speeches, there’s no underground pedo dungeon grand jury like the ‘FBI’ requested back in 2010 on National Public Radio, there’s no suspicious deaths in ‘VA’ hospitals under ’43’ grand jury like the families of at least 20 murdered patriot veterans asked for, there’s no repeal of the anti constitutional Patriot Act and full restoration of the whole constitution along with a real world Sept 11 Commission like every Truther that was ever for real asked for, yet America is still the greatest nation in the world because the soundbite says so?

Or was it just because Jesus Christ walked on water?

Christ and Peter US Fed deficit drowning 560

Try to remember the father isn’t always on the
birth certificate, take Jesus Christ for instance, when
the Roman census in Judea occurred do you think
Mary put Jehovah down as his father?  😉


So are you just going to go to hell with your treasonous leaders?

0001000 Lower than snakeshit DP0002000 Lower than snakeshit

0004000 Lower than snakeshit ~ The Firth Reich


Are you aware how easily a ‘DNA’ test can be faked America?
And it’s a whole lot easier than faking a NIST Commission too…
Don’t forget a fake Warren Commission either = Modus Operendi…
You still didn’t know you got conned with a fake in Dealy Plaza?
Hit this link to get the bigger socio-political perspective…

The 911 Commision holes 490

America, ruled by a short soundbite, a nation of fools…

Again and again, no 100% treason amnesty = No truth…

Treason Amnesty inbred hillbilly 490

And no pedo-dungeon grand jury yet? ~ You fakes…


Remember who set the pedo-network up America…

the-bush-babby-boys-ritual-child-killer 450

Same German-born agent who ran Sept 11…


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