Searching for a shorter blog?

That’s understandable, after all the clock is still ticking…

Better hurry-up and grasp what’s really happening then…

It’s only been 85 years since the Fed financed Nazi’s.


But the greatest nation in the world just says…

Amnesty twins 490

So how about it America, what-up guy’s?


Trump looking after you well is he?

And 20 minutes of your time gone…

Schwammberger much America Atta Haspel 560Kavanaugh Brett Head shot BW 560Haspel Pence Huckabee 560Zinke Pompeo Border 560Treason Amnesty anti-hypocrisy darker 560

Those kids in Nazi pedo-dungeons need help…
They’ll lose a lifetime, then probably their lives…
That’s the #pedodungeongrandjury America…

Nov 6th #pedodungeongrandjury 364

11:20 AM AEST Sept 05


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