The old Master’s Apprentice’s…

Three Bush's BEST KNIGHT OF Malta

You’ve got decades of denial built-up America, got a plan have you?

Or are you gonna keep going with the Dave\or Donald Trump show?

CSpam Veteran's Day Trump Dave and Donald BORDER

That’s Trump on the left and a guy in the audience at a Trump rally…

It was back  some time in 2011 or thereabouts, I’ve had that old graphic which was a screenshot from a video on my computer’s ever since then, he was literally in the audience yelling out questions to Donald Trump onstage, or someone who was supposedly Trump up on stage because it’s almost getting hard to tell with the political culture of any lie will do that you’ve allowed the Sept 11 plotter’s to create under an avalanche of 24\7 state funded propaganda, anyway I’d Google searched it hoping for a better image than the one I’d had and the Google Search algorithm innocently says it’s best guess for the image was Donald Trump…

Now you can’t argue with an algorithm can you, even the algorithm thinks it’s Donald Trump but it’s not, it’s a guy in the audience yelling out questions to the guy up on stage pretending to be Trump at a Trump rally meaning this Trump identity swap stuff has been going on for quite a while already, and then Allah Khazzam and a few more years of the Patriot Act under a fake Barack Hussein Obama (sic) along with the multiple Hillary Clinton swaps confusing Joe Average from back then all the way up to now and that same guy on the right above and in the droll graphic immediately below yelling out questions to somebody who was supposedly Trump up on stage over 7 years ago is in the fcuking White House using somebody else’s name, so come on America, it’s time to come clean, finally come clean about everything, you’ve all been lying to everybody including yourselves and you’re not too fcuking smart are you Meathead’s…

Dave Trump Google STRIKE RED BORDER Large

This is him again here, the guy having a panic attack up on stage…

Trump Cessna paranoia

Here’s what I’d been told was their master plan over 40 years ago…

Trump Nazi assassination FAKE RED BW 600Martial Law Nazi Eagle GOOD 600Kinetic Knight of Malta 600

This isn’t a joke post you fwaggot’s. it’s all for real…

Mickey Nouse pedo dungeon grand jury 560Blowjob Amnesty darker 560 (2)

6:00 AM AEST Nov 12

Don’t like music in blogs? ~ Then go away 😉


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