Just a nation of Jackasses was it?

If you’re unhappy with Grump why would Pence be an alternative?

Pence Stone P Charles EDIT

And if Republicans bother you why will Dem’s be different?

Democrat Donkey Republican Elephant BW 600

It’s the same Beast(Secret Govt) controlling both sides…

You know you’re screwed America, you’re really screwed…

Proctologist Republican or Democrat 560

You even know who did it but can’t face it yet, well fine…

America screwed Cessna Masonic 600

Then get busy and fix-it with these practical responses…

Nov 6th fascist egg suck 560Treason Amnesty anti-hypocrisy darker 560

To get there, start really caring by doing this…

Nov 6th pedo dungeon 520

It’s only difficult if you piss against the wind…

12:30 AM AEST Oct 29


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