Since when is serious not funny?

peter ustinov comedy bill of rights cessna largeSquirrel bank EDIT

Just don’t understand how the people get blown off so easy…

Come on, govt of the people by the people for the people Huh?

Those little Masonic wheels in Washington (Congress) and in New York who made a small fortune out of looted Iraqi gold and stolen Libyan gold as well as making a fortune out of the Afghan-opium x Mexican-heroin trade flying into US National Park’s still work hard to protect America’s unique privileged place in the world…

But it’s Govt of people by criminals as my crap GIF’s highlight…

Thus they’d like you all to ignore the fact that right this very moment they’re literally making a killing out of the theft of Afghanistan’s Lithium ore which is the highest grade Lithium ore on the planet however they’re not even satisfied with that because at the international level these big Knight of Malta Masonic wheels would all like to sucker American’s along with the rest of the world one more time and then probably one more time again after that if there’s a chance to do so before their long planned World War Three agenda kicks in and that means if you don’t ignore it it’ll make trouble for them which is something the United States National Defense Authorization Act Patriot Act is meant to prevent…

Of course there are plenty of minor big ticket sucker items like the Knight of Malta Masonic Obama bail out of the banks to consider even tho that was a long time ago wasn’t it with one half of those same Masonic wheels within wheels even today claiming it was all legit because they said so while the other half of those wheels play a dog and pony show hand in hand with them by taking an opposing position while effectively doing nothing of substance about it…

bavarian-illuminati-Knights of MALTA rats-in-australia-too (2)

Sure looks like American’s are treated as big suckers…

sucker small nazi 520

Spare a little pity for all those big Knight of Malta Masonic wheels and littler lessor Masonic wheels that spin on them, they work so damn hard to keep the lights turned on and the wheels (sic) turning in the American economy…

Maybe the pedophile-dungeon grand jury most American’s are too spineless to become full time activists for is still out on that particular point regarding them all being treated like sucker’s yet in the real world do you even remember what they did when millions of people lost their retirement superannuation in late 2000 and early 2001 prior to that convenient distraction on September 11 2001 which was, so they say, when radical Islamic Cessna Pilot’s who hated America’s freedom’s managed to knock down three New York skyscrapers with only 2 jets including the WTC 7 building where the ‘SEC’ was keeping all of it’s records into all of it’s investigation of the Trump Corp x Carlisle Group money laundering for safekeeping and security, all of that while supposedly hitting the Pentagon audit office and (Supposedly) destroying the only records that Donald Rumsfeld had of where his missing $2.3 trillion was, but they claim my posts are just a joke?

America destitute 401k Nazi's 560

You’re not too smart most days are you America, not really…

Think Jimmy-Bob Bodeedle could get hiself elected president?

AA Better Carey underprivileged Republicans Large 2020

Ha-Ha, Jimmy-Bob Bodeedle, sounds like a movie title…


So they say these blogs are a joke, or too complicated?

Redneck Comedian building rising balance the budget LARGEredneck-comedian-PATRIOT ACT ALLEGATION Large

Hmm, and they say I’m dumb and they’re smart too right?

Robby 10 y o Redneck Comedian 600 (2)

Well once again, precise allegation\accusation used by Sept 11 perp’s to
place Ohio-born sex-slave traded baby boy me on your anti-constitutional
Patriot Act Level Two ‘NDAA‘ proscribed person’s Orwellian-state list?

Obviously you’re all stupid enough to ignore child rights…

9:00 PM AEST June 8th
Quick edit 12:30 AM
Aaand 2:00 PM too
Now 6:30 as well
+ July 8th graphic




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