Just keeping it real, mother…

My step-mother wanted me to be a writer, she kind of made me promise…

0001000 ~ Grump Mueller fantasy FP0002000 Radical Islamic Cessna Pilot's ~ Fake News0003000 Radical Islamic Turban bomb0004000 Guido Machiavelli0005000 Guido Machiavelli0006000 ~ What a Jackass 41, what a Jackass0007000 ~ One of these day's kid0008000 ~ What a Jackass 41, what a Jackass


Here’s a link to a blog which expands on the fake meteor weapons…

“If someone pisses you off you don’t get stupid with your response” my step Dad said to me a few times, he was saying it in the implication that if you were gonna get angry either way, try to be the mellow fellow intellectual about it and do something or say something logical, something rational, something constructive or just funny, yet still tell whoever it was to go and screw themselves in no uncertain terms ~ Boy, that old man and his subtle guidance, that old ex World War Two sergeant with his subtle yet forceful guidance, it was mostly easier to just be a willow when he got windy, even when he was being subtle cause most times he made a habit of being accurate if not always right, bless his memory, what a prick, what a subtle mostly constructive accurate wise old prick he was personality wise and in life’s lessons ~ He got his feelings hurt once when I’d laughed at him after he quoted the Buddha, he was being very genuine, very very genuine and caring, the look of hurt on his face was real and I’d have immediately donated two pints of blood to take my smartass comment back, but anyway, he sort of eventually forgave me, sort of, eventually, after a few months, but he made damn sure I’d not be such a cockhead to him again, ever again…

And his advice over what to do if someone got me angry?

That old bastard and his wife sure got me into and out of a lot of trouble, considering my circumstances they were awesome, simply fcuking awesome, some people don’t like what I’ve made of me by taking their advice but it’s been over 45 years since he told me that and it’s still my Tao as best as I’m able, I’ll respond the way he taught me to with the heartfelt motivations his wife taught me to hold, whether the fools I’m responding to get the point, or not…

Pedo dungeon American Nazi flag ~ Miss the bus 560

And what to do about all the treason media studiously ignores?

Lateral thinking treason amnesty shhot them and hang them 560.jpg

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