Nobody knows everything?

Before you read this post, better read this link (Link) first for context…


You know, some people could be excused for thinking…

And of those few people who could be excused for thinking if ever they actually got around to doing it, some of them may be thinking that I’m not too fond of America’s current president, and they’d be right, but to get all Shakespearean it’s true I’d rather suffer the slings of a 1000 arrows to my bosom than see his Vice President take his place, like seriously, may you live forever plus 10,000 x 10,000 years Mr President, and if that’s so, if you do manage to live forever and then another 10,000 x 10,000 years on top of forever, around January 20th 2021 will you please just quietly fcuk off and take your expensive sham with you…

However before you go, if you want to do one truly kind decent noble good thing, one decent kind noble and truly good thing before you go, then announce that underground pedo dungeon grand jury with full open hearings for all evidence, then please kind noble good and gracious Sir, please, fcuk off…

Vids\graphics fair-use x fair-comment ete…

fcuk-off-finger 380

And (Link) then…

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