A government you deserve was it?

There’s a lot to become acquainted with and not a lot of time…


All president’s have identity doubles, John Kennedy had two…

Knight of Malta and Odessa used both to wipe their ass with you…

I’m getting the feeling that you’re just not getting-it America…

It’s all been lies, you need a treason amnesty real bad now…

Is the fairy tale beginning and a nightmare ending?

Or a fairy tale over and a nightmare beginning?

cia-plot-assassinate-trump-490 FAKE

Your president’s real biological father told me
about that one back in the late 1970’s and it’s been
confirmed, national crisis response = Martial Law
then ‘DEFCON-1’ and 1\3rd of the planet dead,
like Dealy Plaza but a billion times worse…

Get up to speed on the real technology, you’re
being lied to about a whole lot more than you’re
aware of, you die either way maybe but for fcuk’s
sake soldier-boy’s, die with integrity damn-it…

Better wake-up soon America, real soon…


7:33 PM AEST Sept 19


PS: A nation that denies children justice doesn’t deserve to exist…
But if such a nation existed, imagine what their govt would be like…
They’d have lot’s and lot’s to hide, a little bit like America maybe?

They’ll kill you if you don’t do what they tell you, true…
But they’ll kill you even if you do do everything they say…
So what you gonna do with this govt you deserved?


Some days I’m not real funny…

7:37 PM AEST

nov-6th--pedodungeongrandjury 200 (2)

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